Where Do Expats Live in Bangkok?


Bangkok is one of the most popular locations for expats. It has favorable tropical climate and access to conveniences and modern comforts, such as inexpensive, high-quality medical care. In addition, it is an interesting place for sightseeing and attractions as there are many things to do and see in Bangkok for expats.

But where do expats live in Bangkok? Highlighted below are where expats looking for additional privacy and peace live in Bangkok.

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is popular place for a slower pace of life and mountain views. This place where expats live in Bangkok is situated very close to foothills of northern Thailand, one hour by air from Bangkok. Chiang Mai is notable for many Buddhist temples, with a prosperous history dated back some 700 years. Are you an expat seeking a more temperate climate or calmer way of life? This is a place for you to live in Bangkok.

Accommodation is cheaper in Chiang Mai because of its popularity but overcrowding is one of its challenges, particularly in the old city. On the other hand, the area experiences reduced air quality during the hot season, when rice fields are prepared for the next planting season.

Koh Samui

A lot of expats look to Koh Samui, where affordable costs, all year round tropical weather, Azure Ocean and palm-lined beaches make for ultra easy living, as far as perfect beach lifestyle abroad is concerned. Koh Samui is often referred to as a tropical place of protection.
Koh Samui is just one hour and thirty minutes flight from Thailand. Whether you an expert dreaming of perfect frequent nights out on the town or a tranquil seaside retreat, Koh Samui offers something for everyone.

Expats visit this popular city for sun, sand and sea and they settle for the reasonably priced, laidback lifestyle. You can also gain access to quality health from qualified doctors and there are many things to keep you occupied – bridge club, salsa dancing, Pilates, Yoga exercises and bridge club.


Bangkok is the capital of Thailand. The city is modern and inexpensive. Bangkok has thrived into a contemporary and multi-ethnic city, with luxury hotels, luminous skyscrapers and top-notch public-transit options. Today, expats gather in Bangkok for high-on convenience, multicultural vibe and affordable living.

In Bangkok, you can eat a plate of noodles at some of the best street food stalls for less than one dollar. You can also enjoy five-star meal at the best restaurants. You can also view the skyline from a lot of the popular rooftop bars or enjoy live music in the city’s pubs. Bangkok also boasts some of the best shopping malls and boutiques of the region, such as the North American style malls and a multitude of markets.

The large concentration of expats in Bangkok implies that there is no shortage of activities and social clubs for interests like theater, language study and tennis. Bangkok is dwelling to a lot of the best private hospitals and doctors of the country, and local expats appreciate the amazingly reasonably priced costs for exclusive care.

Hua Hin

Hua Hin is recognized in the expat circles as a lively seaside town with a taste of good life, burgeoning restaurant scene and easy living. Hua Hin is two and half hour drive from Bangkok. The expats appreciate the small town feel of Hua Hin.

There is a great night market in town, where you can buy a lot of things including Thai handicrafts, affordable bags and CDs, in addition to long stretches of clean and attractive beaches. Expats can also enjoy the annual jazz festival right on the beach that features some of the premium local and international musicians.


Nothing quite prepares you for the beauty of Phuket like the sparkling jungle-topped mountains, turquoise waters and the rocky outcrops as well as white sand beaches, particularly when approaching the region by air. Phuket is largest island and paradise of the country for many expats. It is a beach where you will get all the amenities that will offer you the remarkable experience you desire.

Depending on your preference, Phuket provides a club-hopping, center of the action and an easygoing lifestyle. For example, you can go for a relaxing lunch or swim on quiet Naithon Beach or join the hum in the bar-lined Patong area, where cabaret shows and music throbs extend into the night.

The biggest attraction for many expats is the suitable and calm lifestyle. You can catch a flight to a range of destinations without passing through Bangkok, with the Thailand second busiest international airport.


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