Kerry Express Thailand fires 4 workers for exposing recipient of sex toy


Kerry Express Thailand has announced on Tuesday that it has fired four employees who have exposed and humiliated he recipient of a parcel containing a sex toy.

In a statement issued by the spokesman of Kerry Express Thailand, it says that the company has a strict policy to protect the privacy of is customers and its executives were deeply sorry over what had happened. In lieu with Thailand’s national slogan, the company said it fired the four employees on he basis of its “good guys in” and “bad guys out” policy.

The company took action after a popular community Facebook Page, La (Hunting), made a post on Monday to condemn the four Kerry employees. The La page captured Facebook posts of one of the four staff who allegedly humiliated the buyer of the sex toy.

The staff revealed the name of the buyer and said the sex toy had slipped out of the package, so they had to fix it. The posts also showed a picture of the sex toy, and one of the employees posed for a photo with the sex toy while making a gesture. The four staff also posted humiliating comments about the recipient. One of them posed that the buyer might be in urgent need of the sex toy so they would rush to fix and deliver the package. Another said he was willing to service the recipient so she would not need the sex toy.

After the La page condemned the four Kerry Express employees, many Facebook users criticized the four black sheep for humiliating the woman. This is extremely distasteful and they said that the customer’s sex life is a private matter and should not have been made fun of.


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