Monthly Archives: May, 2019

Depressed taxi driver climbs up phone tower for 7 hours

  It took seven hours, but a depressed motorcycle taxi driver who climbed a 10-story cellphone tower in Nong Plalai climbed down safely. Athid Suanok, 35,...

Kerry Express Thailand fires 4 workers for exposing recipient of sex toy

Kerry Express Thailand has announced on Tuesday that it has fired four employees who have exposed and humiliated he recipient of a parcel containing...

Facebook deal to broadcast English Premier League football in Thailand next season collapses

Football fans in Thailand have been left wondering how they will watch English Premier League football next season following the collapse of a major...

Bangkok Police offers kids free riders to their school

Yes. Yes, you read it right! A heavy traffic jam is expected as the new school semester opens. To all the parents who are worried...

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