100 year old granny celebrates her birthday by giving free fried banana to everyone


A granny in Phitsanulok province celebrated her 100th birthday by giving out free fried bananas to all in Phitsanulok city. Jamlong the granny is still working daily and sells fried bananas from her cart. Her fried banana food cart is named “99-year-old fried bananas”. Jamlong became 100 years old on the 1st of April and she chose to celebrate with her customers and decided to keep working as usual on her big happy day.

Jamlong revealed that on her 100th birthday she woke up early to give food to the monks in the morning as a good sign for her birthday. She then prepared her food cart as usual and started to prepare the fried bananas, the only thing different was Jamlong would give all banana’s ordered by customers for free. Jamlong stated that some customers insisted for her to accept the money as a birthday gift, and some customers wished her a good birthday and a long-lived life.

The 100-year-old granny was married once in her life with 2 sons of her own. Sadly, she has outlived her children and is now residing with her grandchildren. She wakes up at 4 am every morning to prepare food to sell in her food cart. She then makes the food mainly being fried bananas to sell for her customers around the Phitsanulok city. Jamlong will take a 1-kilometer walk around lunchtime to a local 7/11, she then waits until all of her food is sold out and then returns home to rest.

Jamlong reveals that her food cart brings in about 100 to 200 THB of profit each day. She is happy that at this age she is still able to work and that her health is strong. She has muscle pains once in a while but other than that Jamlong enjoys life every day. Jamlong stated that she has no secret to a long life, but she likes to eat Thai food with lots of boiled vegetables, fish, and lots of clean water. The most important factor is that she tries to exercise every day, keeps a happy mind and is always found smiling.


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