13 year old Thai boy from Chiang Mai invents a program to help deaf people speak


Hemwich Warit known as Hub is currently studying in grade 13 at a school in Varee Chiang Mai International School. Hub has brought Thailand kids to an international level by making it through to 1 in 20 children from all over the word in the Google Science Fair. Hub has developed a program and equipment that helps the deaf practice how to speak by enhancing their ability to hear.

Hub stated that missing out on the ability to not hear is a great health issue where over 422 million people are facing today globally. A teacher from the school informed Hub that there will be a Google Science Fair where children from all over the world will bring their projects forward to the international eye level. Hub decided to invent and develop the project designed for the training of the deaf to have the ability to speak.


Hub further shared his experience that he likes playing guitar. One day, he was practicing guitar that wasn’t plugged into the amplifier. The sound was very faint, but when he put his chin on the guitar he realized that the sounds became louder. This gave him the idea to use the same mechanism in developing a project that can help deaf people hear better along with practicing how to speak.

Hub began testing out the program and the equipment with help from the Anusan Sunthon School for the Deaf in Chiang Mai Province. The program helps the deaf hear what they are saying and how they are pronouncing the words, giving them more confidence as they hear feedback from their own voice.

In the Google Science Fair, Out of the last 100 kids standing, only 2 were from Thailand. Hub is the youngest one and was the first ever contestant from Thailand to make it to the final 20. The finals will be set in July of this year (2019). Hub realizes that the online world has allowed knowledge to be accessible so easily. It has also allowed the will to learn to be executed without any boundaries.

Hub believed that everyone has an idea and projects that are great. He wants Thai children to have the opportunity and to be supported by the government. The current world is changing so quickly and better technology is being developed every day. Hub wishes that Thailand can be the leader in technology for the future as he believes in the power of Thai children.

Hub is the youngest and was the first ever contestant from Thailand to make it to the final 20 in the Google Science Fair.


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