Aussie man rages after being arrested by police in Pattaya


An Australian man was filmed being abusive and resisting arrest after being stopped by police in Pattaya.

Police stopped Constantine Anagnostou for what Thai media described as ‘chaotic behaviour’ at an intersection Pratumnak.

A video shared by Pattaya News showed Mr Anagnostou swearing at police officers after claiming that one of the officers had assaulted him.

Later in the clip a now shirtless Mr Anagnostou can be seen demanding police return his license, while also saying “mai mee tang” – that he had no money.

Mr Anagnostou can then be seen being handcuffed by several police officers.

77jowo reported that Mr Anagnostou was involved in an earlier incident at the Ratio Bar where a motorcycle was damaged.

One of the motorcycles belonged to a member of staff from the bar. It was claimed Mr Anagnostou then became abusive and threatened bar staff, which is when police were called.

Mr Anagnostou is now being held at Pattaya Police Station.

Investigations continue.


Source: 77 JOWO


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