Belgium man invites gay Thai man back to his home but was robbed while taking a shower


A 63 year-old Belgian man told police in Pattaya that after befriending a Thai man in a Jomtien beer bar he took him to his room for sex.

But while Luc Rapoye was in the shower Thalang Thamnao, 29, made off with his wallet and escaped on a motorbike.

Pattaya station chief Pol Col Prawit Chorseng and chief of the tourist police at the resort Lt-Col Piyapong Ensarn were soon on the case.

They studied CCTV and talked to those in the area and discovered that the thief was hiding out at a room in Sa Liam sub-district of Phatnat Nikom district in Chonburi.

There the thief was arrested along with 100 Euros, 1,500 baht and a wallet.

Thalang – who The Pattaya News said was a gay man – has been charged with theft during the hours of darkness and receiving stolen goods.

He was detained and fingered by the victim at the police station.


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