Durian fair boosts Si Sa Ket’s economy


A durian fair is significantly spurring economy in Si Sa Ket, a remote and rather poor province in northeast Thailand.

“To date, durian sales from the fair have already been Bt13million past,” said Si Sa Ket Governor Weerasak Wijitsaengsri on Friday. The Durian Fair, the Lava Durian Fair will likely boost domestic gross domestic products by more than 10 per cent. He said Si Sae used to rank 71st out of 77 Thai provinces in terms of GDP. “But judging by our current, vibrant economy, we should rank better by the end of the year.”

Weerasak said the Lava Durian Fair – which is held between June 20 and 30 – has attracted many tourists. “Apart from sales at the fair, tourists also generate revenue,” said Weerasak. He believes that the generated flow of cash is more than Bt100 million. Si Sa Ket’s agricultural chief Sawang Kalapat said tourists did not just have fun.


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