Elderly Korat woman seeks help finding her US-resident daughter after 20 years of separation


An 80-year-old woman in Nakhon Ratchasima’s Bua Yai district on Wednesday sent out a public plea for help to locate her daughter, who left home to work in the United States 20 years ago and has not been in contact since. Pook Prajit, from Tambon Bua Yai, met with The Nation and other reporters in Muang district to get out the message.

Duanpen Ritthisuk | Photo by Pook Prajit

She produced a wedding photo of her daughter, Duanpen Ritthisuk, 48, explaining that she had married in 1999 before leaving Thailand with her husband to work in Chicago. She has not heard from her daughter since she moved the US.

Pook said she has six children and is now living with her second son.

She said she missed her youngest daughter, Duanpen, very much and would like to hear from her before her final days. She hoped Duanpen would see the reports and contact her.

Anyone with information about Duanpen can phone Pook on 089 917 4877.



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