Homepro to charge one baht for each plastic bag


BANGKOK — In a nationwide fight against plastic bags, HomePro has joined in the fight. Starting this July, HomePro will charge you a baht if you ask for a plastic bag.

Home-improvement megastore HomePro is Thailand’s latest retailer to attempt to decrease the usage of plastic bags in the Kingdom.

The store hopes this new policy will prompt customers to bring their reusable cloth bags.

“The point is we have to start with ourselves and then expand the initiative to the customers,” HomePro’s communications head Siriwan Sermcheep said.

In 2016, HomePro began banning plastic bags on the 4th, 14th, and 24th of every month.

The store claims that proceeds from the new policy will be donated to charity,  but didn’t specify details about which charity. HomePro officials could not be contacted as of press time. The store expects the new campaign to save at least 1.5 million plastic bags a year.

Last week, Central Group, the nation’s top retailing conglomerate, announced that it will cease providing plastic bags at all its stores, except at its supermarket chains such as Tops Market and Central Food Hall.


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