Mexican woman outrages Thais with Yoga poses at historic and sacred sites in Thailand


Warning. Do you know that doing yoga poses on famous or sacred sites around Thailand can get you in trouble with the authorities?

This is what happened to Mexican Canada based Yoga teacher. Andreita Levin is being lambasted for posting photos to her Instagram which shows her doing yoga poses at famous sacred sites in Thailand which is condemned by the locals as disrespectful.

Andreita Levin’s Instagram pictures show that she visited Sukhothai Historical Park, Doi Suthep and Chiang Mai.

According to Thai Visa News, She also posed on the Emerald Buddha Templeon the grounds of the Grand Palace in Bangkok in a photo that has since been removed from her account.

This now deleted photo shows Levin posing on the sacred Emerald Buddha.

Levin had previously shared pictures of her performing various yoga poses at a number of other sites, including Prasat Pra Thepbidorn and Rong Sue Tentemple, reported The Thaiger. These photos have also been removed from her account.

A few days later, the tourist police contacted her, saying they had received a complaint about two of her photos and asked her to delete them, which she did. Tourist police say that Ms Levin will not be charged over the photos but has agreed to remove them after requests she delete them from her Instagram page. Ms Levin confirmed that she intends to stay in Thailand and continue her holiday. She’s promised officials that she won’t take any more photos posing yoga poses at sacred sites in the country. Some of her favourite poses include the ‘lotus sunrise’ pose, the ‘golden apple goddess’ pose and the famous ‘Thai faux outrage’ pose.

“I respect their country and culture, and I would never do anything against that,” said Levin.

Her Instagram profile photo shows her posing with Toronto’s iconic CN Tower in the background. From her social media accounts, in which she describes herself as a professional dance artist and hot pilates instructor, she appears to have been travelling the world for the past few months.

You can follow Andreita Levin on her Instagram to see her travelling life.


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