North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un receives a letter from USA President Donald Trump


Kim Jong-un, North Korean Supreme Leader just received a letter from United States of America President Donald Trump”. This is a good sign after the North Korean-US summit failed in Vietnam.

Today (23 June 62), North Korea’s CNN television station revealed that North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un received a letter from US President Donald Trump and will consider the content in this letter carefully.

Discussion on nuclear disarmament on the Korean peninsula is stalling, after the North Korean summit with the United States in Hanoi of Vietnam failed.

Because the United States has submitted an ultimatum to North Korea to completely stop nuclear weapons and missile development projects, while North Korea expressed its claim that the United States relaxed it’s economic sanctions

Earlier, the World Food Program revealed that North Korea is experiencing the worst production decline in 10 years, affecting the lives of more than 10 million North Koreans who may face food shortages.


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