Omkai Villages makes 15 million THB from mushrooms


Villagers from Omkoi District have made 15 Million THB so far from finding and selling Puffball Mushrooms during the raining season. Many Villagers in the North of Thailand have a new source of income when the raining season arrives. The villagers find puffball mushrooms that naturally grow in the forest to sell.

Puffball mushrooms have a high market price and are in high demand all year round in Thailand as it is used in many dishes, including the famous Tom Yum Kung Menu. A Facebook Page named Forestbook has shared the story of how villagers in Omkoi have been making money from finding mushrooms in the forest.

From a total of all the villagers selling mushrooms from 3 villages including, 1. Yang Piang, 2. Yang Piang Tai, and 3. Ban Yang Krok in Yangpyeong, Omkoi District, Chiang Mai Province. The mushrooms grow rapidly in the raining season due to the rain and the natural growth of mushrooms.

When the raining season arrives, all the members of a family work together in finding as many puffball mushrooms as they can. This is also an export product both in fresh form and in canned form. From the 3 villages, about 500 families are getting income from finding the puffball mushrooms.

Calculated from the 500 families, each family has an income average of 30,000 THB. When added up, comes to a total of 15 Million THB income to the 3 villages. This money helps support each family throughout the rest of the year and to help fund other occupations for the families throughout the year.

This is possible thanks to the forest, the villagers understand the importance of looking after the forest and the surrounding nature. In Yangpyeong, Omkoi District the villagers have come together and formed rules that protect the villagers from doing any act that can harm or threaten the forest. Some of the rules include prohibiting growing specific plant species that can affect the growth of the natural habitat in the area.

The villagers also work together in stopping wildfires that happen during the hot season in Thailand. The cooperation of humans and nature help keep the balance and protects humans from taking advantage of the forest.


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