Snake Bites Man’s Dick


This is the horrifying incident that happened to poor Terdsak Kaewpangan when he went to the toilet. The python reared out of the tubing and sank its fangs in his dick.

“I was about get up from the toilet. Then I felt a bite. I immediately knew it was a snake. I stood up, squeezed the python’s head and ripped it off of me. The blood was everywhere,” he said in an interview.

Hearing Terdsak’s screams, his colleague rushed to help him wrestle the snake from his dick. Terdsak claims to have seen a snake some months before, lurking in another toilet in the same building. He even made jokes about it, but he’s not laughing now. People stopped using that other bathroom, but the plumbing is all connected. Terdsak was rushed to the hospital, where he received fifteen stitches to the tip of his dick and scrotum. Later, the snake was captured and removed. The question remains: was the python just hungry or gay?


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