Songthaew vs Grab war heating up – Chiangmai could face shutdown


The head of the red Songthaews in Chiang Mai is planning to mobilize over 2,000 vehicles to protest against plans to make Grab Taxi legal.

The move could see Chiang Mai shut down.

The Department of Land Transport is in the process of legalizing Grab. It looks to be just a matter of time before the service – already operating in the northern Thai city – is certified fully legal by the government.

Bunniam Buntha said that his Songthaew members are furious.

He claimed many are facing poverty. Everything was fine before Uber then Grab Taxi came along, he said. The drivers could make 1,000 baht a day. Now they are lucky if they make 200-300 daily, reported Sanook.

He said that the Songthaew were legal and had to ply fixed routes. They paid their taxes, buut Grab came along and they can go anywhere. It’s just not fair, he said.

Now he is planning to mobilize 2,465 members. If they take to the streets in a mass protest Chiang Mai could be virtually shut down.


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