How To Find A Job in Singapore


Have any of you ever wanted to relocate to Singapore and live there but don’t know how to or never had the opportunity. Singapore is a great cosmopolitan city and having this name on your resume will look good.

In this article, we will explain and give a detailed break-down list on how you can boost your chances of securing a good job in Singapore. This is an account from one of our writers, Nami who is from Thailand and has now secured a good job in Singapore on an attractive expat package.


“I want to start out by saying that I was once like all of you, who wants to go and work abroad ever since I was a kid. However, time passes and I did not have any opportunity to follow my dreams until now. My age is creeping on the 30 range (kids in my neighborhood call me auntie, OMG!). Hahaha, that’s not the point. I finally wanted to make my dreams a reality, and now is just as good a time to do so. The country I set my mind on was Singapore, the city with the Merlion, Thailand’s developed neighbor, the city of green trees and high quality of life. The most important factor was the high pay, higher than Thailand’s pay by many times (this is the most important factor, hahaha).

When I finally decided that I have set my mind on Singapore, I started researching for jobs that met my requirements. I did not want a normal, boring office job. I started off by researching on the internet and promised myself that if I indeed did land a job in Singapore, I would come and share my experience with the readers on Bangkok Expat Life.”


The following techniques are what I have personally used. It’s not easy to land a job in Singapore, you must have some perseverance. However, it’s not too hard that it’s out of reach. Trust me, it’s worth all the effort.

Let’s look at the 5 techniques I used to land a job in Singapore.

1). Generic job finding websites

These are web-based portals that accumulates all job vacancies. The keywords I used in this case is ‘finance thai’ which allows me to find a finance related job that uses the Thai language, or a finance related job that is related in any ways to Thailand. We have an advantage in this case due to us being Thai. This technique has been proven by many Thai expats, but unfortunately not for me. These are some of the websites I used.





The easiest method would be to just Google whatever job you are looking for. As for the aforementioned websites, you must continuously keep track of it to find any job vacancies.

2). LinkedIn

To whoever doesn’t have a LinkedIn account, I strongly recommend you create one ASAP. In Singapore, many employers announce job vacancies through here. However, having just an account isn’t enough. Think of it as a way to market your professionalism. Put in a profile picture that makes you look professional and reputable. Sometimes, HR of Singaporean companies contact you through LinkedIn. Personally, there have been many companies contacting me through here with an enticing job offer. Too bad I had to decline since it was not in Singapore.

3). Company’s website

Check for any job vacancies straight from the company’s website. I think this is a good technique since it is the most direct way and you get job descriptions straight from the company itself. This is an especially good technique for those that have a specific company in mind. I think this way is also faster, since it is the most direct way to get in contact with the employer. However, I recommend that you apply to many jobs and not only one, since the company you want to work at/with might not necessarily want to hire you. It’s just a safety net for you in case you do not get to work with that one company.

4). Headhunters/Recruitment Agency

This is one of the most effective ways of finding a job. Some people might be contacted by those known as ‘headhunters’, but I would recommend you to personally contact these ‘headhunters’ and let your job requirements be known. They’ll look at your resume and see which of their clientele would be the best fit for you. An indirect benefit of this method is that these headhunters help you screen companies for you.

5). Connections

This technique is for those that personally knows someone that works at Singapore. Try contacting them and see if their companies have any job vacancies. I got a job through this method. Another way is to contact Thai people working at Singapore through LinkedIn and ask them whether their companies have any job vacancies. Sure, these people will all be strangers but the good thing about Thais is their generosity. I asked many Thais through the latter, and not only did I get a job, I got friends too. Once I got to Singapore, I asked these people to meet up and they’re now my friends!


In conclusion, I would recommend all of the aforementioned methods if you have the time and really want to work in Singapore. Don’t get discouraged if no one contacts you back. I was not contacted for months too. This all depends on the right timing and opportunity. I believe that if you have the right characteristics and qualities, you’ll surely find a job. Goodluck and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. It’s my pleasure to be of any help!


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