How to get back your lost or stolen phone in Thailand


Have you ever lost your phone in Thailand, in this article, we will explain how one of our writers retrieved her 2 lost phones in Thailand.

Hi guys, I wrote this forum for the purpose of helping those who have lost their phones, regardless of the case, and have no idea on what to do. All information conveyed here is up to date as of the time this article is published. Personally, I have lost two phones. One got stolen, and the other was because I forgot it and left it behind in a taxi.

The first phone, which was stolen, was an iPhone 6 Plus, and the other was a Samsung S9 Plus. Both phones were retrieved, and I got them back from the Makkasan Police Station. With all the respect and gratitude, I would like to thank the local police, the 5th Metro Police, and True Corporation’s legal team. Everyone was extremely helpful, and the cooperation between each body was superb.

This is the process you need to undertake if you lost your mobile phone:

1). Report the lost phone at the local police station. Prepare the box, receipt, and IMEI number of the phone. If the phone has multiple IMEIs, report all of it. You will get A) Copy of the report B) Warrant for IMEI search (which is a document the police will give to the corresponding mobile network). Don’t forget to take a picture of all documents.

2). Take the Warrant for IMEI Search to any mobile network provider office (AIS, True, DTAC. Any branch will be fine).

3). Regularly call or keep in touch with the corresponding network provider’s legal team. This is our responsibility, and the interval I recommend is once a month. Every time you contact the legal team, you should inform your case number or IMEI number. The following is the mobile network provider’s legal team contact number.

-True     02-858-2616

-AIS        02-029-3138

-DTAC   02-202-9000 ext. 8

4). In the case that the network provider finds a phone with the corresponding IMEI number (which should be your lost phone), they will inform you accordingly and will coordinate with the police themselves. All you have to do now is wait for the police to call you and meet up with the involved parties at the local police station. It is your decision in which you want to take further legal actions. If you decide to not take any further legal actions, you’ll receive your phone back and then this will be documented in the police’s daily reports. As for the other party, they will have to return the phone to you (rightful owner) and take further actions with the seller. If the other party can provide proof that they have legally bought the phone from a vendor, you might have to recompense them.

I hope that this information will be of some use to any of you currently facing this problem. I hope you all get your phones back. Thank you.

***On an additional note regarding the phone’s box, you should always keep the phone’s box, along with the receipt, every time you purchase a new phone. In my first case, the other party came with my phone in a fake box which helped my side. Therefore, I recommend you keep your phone’s box and receipt every time you make a new purchase.

****With regards to legal actions from those who have truthfully purchased the stolen phone from a vendor, the compensation amount should be considered as a case-by-case and does not necessarily hold true in all cases.

Editor’s note: Hope this article is useful to anyone who has lost their phone in Thailand. With that being said, it’s very rare and tough to find your lost phone while travelling. I’ve lost 6 phones while travelling and I never got them back but then again, I never made the effort to look for them. So always look after your valuables wherever you are.


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