Thailand plans to follow Singapore Model to legalize casino


A Democrat Party MP suggested at the weekend that Thailand should look towards Singapore ideas and open a legal casino. 

Increasing calls for the matter to be discussed have come in recent days after the spread of Covid-19 at illegal casinos in Thailand and the involvement of police in taking bribes to allow their operation.

Issara Seriwattanawut said that the casinos in Singapore provide 60 billion baht to government coffers that is a fifth of the fight against Covid. (It was unclear which country he was referring to in this statement).

The checks and balances of casino operations in Singapore is something Thailand should investigate.

For example there are strict controls on who can play. Foreigners can enter for free (on production of their passports) but locals have to pay 3,000 baht to enter.

The Singapore government has set up the NCGP (National Council on Problem Gambling, established in 2005).

This regulates the industry. For example if a husband proves to be a problem gambler the wife can go to the NCPG to have him barred, said Issara.

There are no TV ads allowed to promote gambling and children learn and about its perils in school.

Issaa said he was not proposing that Thailand follow everything in Singapore but consider their approach and possibly hold a referendum on the matter.



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