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Get Fit: Bike Trails in Bangkok

Bangkok is not a bike friendly city. This is a fact. Bike lanes here are pretty much non-existent, but even if they do exist, they’re all probably taken over by mopeds. Thus, if you’re into biking and...

bangkok inter hockey club

Bangkok Inter Hockey Club – Field Hockey Club Bangkok

Bangkok Inter Hockey Team is a new; growing field hockey team that is looking for new players of all ages and levels. Training starts again in the New Year and is on Tuesdays and Thursday at one of th...

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Treat Yourself: 6 Indoors Attractions in Bangkok

Thailand is one of the most popular destinations in the world, known for its beautiful scenery and nature. For veteran expats, however, the heat can become a little too much at times. Although outdoor...

low key ideas on how to celebrate christmas in bangkok 2016

Things to do at Christmas in Bangkok

Thailand is still officially in mourning from the passing away of the late king, his majesty Bhumibol Adulyadej. Obviously, a loud, firework fueled, high-profile Christmas celebration would risk seemi...


Get Fit: 5 Gyms in Bangkok by BTS Stations

Bangkokians are becoming increasingly health-conscious. Gyms and fitness centers are opening up everywhere around town lately. Check out our list of 5 gyms that are easily accessible by BTS for those...


Money CAN buy happiness—i.e. pancakes!

Money = Pancakes = Happiness Good news for those in pursuit of happiness. Remember eating plain o’pancakes as a child, while thinking to yourself that you would much rather have those fancy Mickey Mou...


Treat Yourself: 6 Night Markets in Bangkok

Talat-Nat, roughly translates to flea market, is a popular attraction to both tourists and locals alike. Here you’ll find all kinds of products ranging from hand painted shirts to second popular stree...


Spartan Race Series Heads To Thailand

The Spartan Race series is headed to Thailand, with the obstacle-filled race to take place in Bangkok. Although an official date has not been released by Spartan Race Inc., there is already a major bu...

helicopter tour bangkok

Take To The Sky To See Bangkok And Phuket With A Helicopter Tour

See Bangkok and Phuket from the sky aboard Advanced Aviation's helicopter city tours. Travelers can see the beauty of Bangkok from the comfort of a helicopter seat as Exotic Voyages takes customers to...

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