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Kevin Baker

I love cooking, fitness, writing & living in the Present Moment.

Kristina Laskova

Kristina Laskova

Kristina is a 21 years old student of Faculty of Arts, department of Philology. When she was 17 she left her home country, Macedonia, and moved to Bangkok, Thailand which she thinks is her home. She has been in Bangkok for 4 years now. She fell in love with Bangkok because of its seductive charm and diverse culture, as she says no other city in the world has. Her passion for writing and her enthusiasm and knowledge of Bangkok's lifestyle got interlaced which later made her way to Bangkok Expat Life.

Mark Glanville

After working at his family’s travel publishing company in Auckland, Mark moved from his native New Zealand to Thailand in 1995 as a wide-eyed 19 year old. The 20 years now that he has been based in Bangkok have seen Mark assume various roles including as a travel industry writer and TV presenter covering the ASEAN region and at times further abroad, a professional copywriter and a TV news show sub-editor. He is also a familiar voice on Bangkok radio having, over the past 15 years, read the English-language hourly news reports on FMX 95.5, Smooth 105 FM, Metropolis 107 and currently Met 107.

Misty Ratliff

Ryan Meyers

Sam Pinder