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Great Restaurants Close To MRT Stations

There are some great restaurants very near to MRT stations. The great thing about these restaurants is that they are within walking distance, where...

How to Get Good Insurance in Thailand

This is a no frills, straight to the point mini-guide to help you get insured in Thailand. Holiday Insurance If you are going to Thailand on...

Is Thailand More Developed than the West?

The main line of thought for most people is that Europe, America and other western founded countries are more developed than Thailand . ....

Bangkok’s Best Golf Courses

If you happen to be staying or living in Bangkok and want to find some great golf courses, the good news is that there...

Why Rama II is an Awesome Place to Live

Rama II is across the river, it is outside of the normal areas where expats choose to live when staying in Bangkok. Some city...

Why Being in Thailand is Like Living on Another Planet

Part of the appeal of traveling to or living in Thailand is that it is so different from any other country. The incomparable culture of...

How Not to Meet Women in Thailand

If you are looking for a meaningful relationship with a kind lady, with inner beauty as well as outer beauty, you just struck gold...

12 Things You’ll Love and Hate About Bangkok

In a city such as Bangkok, or any city around the world for that matter, there will be things you'll love and things that...

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