Kristina Laskova

Kristina is a 21 years old student of Faculty of Arts, department of Philology. When she was 17 she left her home country, Macedonia, and moved to Bangkok, Thailand which she thinks is her home. She has been in Bangkok for 4 years now. She fell in love with Bangkok because of its seductive charm and diverse culture, as she says no other city in the world has. Her passion for writing and her enthusiasm and knowledge of Bangkok's lifestyle got interlaced which later made her way to Bangkok Expat Life.

Dinosaurs Are Coming To Bangkok Very Soon

Even though dinosaurs have disappeared from the planet centuries ago, to this day they still remain to be fascinating to every single human being....

Check Out Sra Bua’s New Menu

For its 10th birthday, Sra Bua restaurant decided to make a major change and launch a whole other menu and cookbook, way more attractive...

Ease Cafe & Co-Working Space- mixture of contrasts

Ease Cafe & Co-Working Space is a nice decorated place where you could enjoy some delicious dishes and drinks. Their large menu offers all-day breakfast...

Tips to make moving in Bangkok way easier

Bangkok is not only a good place to visit, but it is also an extraordinary place to live in. You may come here in order...

Renegade Travels- everything you need to know about Thailand

Without a doubt, many people from all around the world, is dreaming to visit Thailand and Bangkok for at least once in their life. The...

Thailand on the Bottom Place of the Miserable Countries in 2016

According to the predictions of Bloomberg Misery 2016, thanks to the low unemployment and inflation, Thailand will retain bottom place of the miserable economies...

Why all Thai soap operas have the same story?

For some reason many people from all around the world love soap operas. They love to sit in front of their TV and take...

8 Major Touristic Attractions in Bangkok that You Must Visit

For many people from all around the world Bangkok is one of the top 3 dream destinations. For many people would be like a dream...

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