Japanese Dessert Café: Patisserie Potager

Patisserie Potager is a new Japanese dessert café which is slightly different from the others. This place is a great choice for all those people who like to consume healthy food made by natural ingredients and less calories than usual. Their specialty are cutesy fruit – and veggie-based treats such as: yardlong bean cake, green shortcake, black sesame rocket mousse and much, much more.

When it comes to the drinks, they are especially good in their smoothies without sugars such as: avocado-ginger-kiwifruit, which perhaps is the most popular smoothie in this Japanese dessert café. The décor is bright which significantly influences on the positive atmosphere which always covers the place and makes it extremely good for everyone who wants to relax and enjoy the moment. The service is outstanding thanks to their employers who always have polite and positive attitude.

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