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New Places

impact speed park go kart bangkok

ULTIMATE go karting adrenaline rush at Impact Speed Park

A short ride from the city sits the first electric go-cart racing track. Whether you are a serious racer or just want to have fun, Impact Speed Park is the next best thing in Nonthaburi / Bangkok. Loc...

indian food in bangkok

Sleek Indian restaurants in Bangkok

Once upon a time not so long ago there were few Indian restaurants in town offering unique Indian cuisine, fast forward 6,7 years, we have a complete new array of Indian restaurants offering a fusion...

shang palace2

Treat Yourself: Best Dim Sum in Bangkok

A well-traveled Cantonese friend of mine once told me that the best Cantonese food in the world is the in Bangkok. With Chinese-Thai being the biggest minority group in Thailand, this statement came a...

peppermint bike park2

Get Fit: Bike Trails in Bangkok

Bangkok is not a bike friendly city. This is a fact. Bike lanes here are pretty much non-existent, but even if they do exist, they’re all probably taken over by mopeds. Thus, if you’re into biking and...

pang ung2

Winter Getaway: 6 Underrated Destinations to Avoid Crowds

For those looking for a last minute getaway over the upcoming holidays, here are a list of potential ideas to get you started! It’s always a good idea to leave Bangkok for a few days over the New Year...

featured teahouses

Treat Yourself: 8 Teahouses in Bangkok for a Relaxing Afternoon

There seems to be something about tea that coffee can never give you. Although I am a coffee addict myself, there are still days when a relaxing afternoon tea sesh is all I want in life. Furthermore,...

red lotus sea3

Winter Getaway: Red Lotus Sea

There’s more to Thailand than just white sandy beaches and mountainous hikes. Although Northeastern region of Thailand isn’t as popular as other coastal cities, it boasts magnificent landscape and nat...


Eat Like a Thai: 5 All-You-Can-Eat Seafood Buffet for 399 THB!

One of the best things about Thailand is undoubtedly the food. But it gets even better than that; unlimited food. In fact, buffets and all-you-can-eat restaurants are everywhere in Bangkok. Check out...

sunflower field3

Winter Getaway: Sunflower Festival

Are you looking for a new holiday destination this New Year? Or perhaps, in the mood for some nature getaway? Why not visit the Sunflower Festival in Nakorn Sawan province, only a three hours drive fr...

bounce thailand2

Treat Yourself: 6 Indoors Attractions in Bangkok

Thailand is one of the most popular destinations in the world, known for its beautiful scenery and nature. For veteran expats, however, the heat can become a little too much at times. Although outdoor...

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