Nowhere To Stay After You Land In Bangkok? Check Out The Sleep Box at Suvarnabhumi Airport!

Bangkok never stops to surprise and this time the big surprise is related with Bangkok’s main airport Suvarnabhumi. Wondering what is it?

12-rooms sleep box part of the company Boxtel Thailand was placed on the B floor of the Airport Link Zone. This project, which was established by the Thai entrepreneur Pongthorn Laohavilai one year ago, is actually a brand new way of accommodation from the people who are coming to Thailand by airplane. However, if the term “sleep-box”, immediately makes you think about something uncomfortable, you are very, very wrong.

This place is built by natural woods, with pastel walls and fresh plants and at first sight it definitely would remind you of some nice café where you go for some coffee and a nice time of relaxation. This sleep-box offer two types of rooms: square and rectangle. All the rooms have the same size, free Wi-Fi and natural wood interiors which guarantee the comfort offered there.

The main purpose of this sleep box is to provide the guests a cheap place where to stay right before they leave the airport or right after they arrive. For staying there for 2 hours the price is 600 baht and additional hours with no limit starts from 280 baht.

Even though, this sleep-box was opened not so long ago, it is already very popular, so make sure to book your room in advance.







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