Tragedy on Valentine’s Day: Man Shot His Lover and Himself Dead in CentralPlaza Rattanathibet

For some people this could be the most tragic day ever and so is for a woman who was shot dead by a man who is believed to be her lover.

Today, February 14 2016, in a Nothaburi department store happened a murder who shocked everyone who was there.

A man known as Suchart Pheupradit, 50, shot his lover,Pijakkana Somsakul, 44, three times in the chest with a 38 revolver.

The tragedy happened in front of iStudio store on the second floor of CentralPlaza Rattanathibet in Muang district around 11:00 am.

However, that’s not everything that shocked the witnesses- a moment later Pheupradit committed suicide by shooting himself in the head.

During the shooting, another victim was injured. The nine-year-old girl named Papassorn Kwaniam was hit by one bullet directly in the neck. Fortunately, the girl is now being treated at Pranangklao hospital and is in safe condition.

Nobody knows exactly what exactly happened between Suchart Pheupradit and Pijakkana Somsakul to cause such a drama, but the police assumes that Suchart, who owns a grocery shop opposite the Ministry of Commerce, and Pijakkana Somsakul, a sales assistant at the shopping mall, had a love affair which turned sour.

One woman who happened to see the entire accident claims that Pijakkana tried to escape from her man and run up the escalator to the second floor, but unfortunately failed to escape the bullets that Suchart shot towards her.








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